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Tatah Mbuy (fara woo kilesia)

The 2011-2012 Ngonso' Cultural Festival is around the corner. The celebration for this year carries a special significance for us all as sons and daughters of this Fondom, given the numerous issues that have been raised within this forum and which need to be decided upon. Furthermore, a Ngonso' Cultural Festival should be the pride and identity of every wirfon wherever he/she is. Therefore to be in Cameroon and not attend is not only an insult to one's identity but a betrayal of one's sense of belonging. In view of all the wonderful academic and technical expertise that one experiences on Shundzev, this is the moment to show in action, that we are not only talkers but agents of development. Presuming that only illness would be the substantial reason why a son or daughter of Nso' would be in Cameroon and not attend such a cultural celebration, permit me to place some urgent homework that to be accomplished during this Ngonso'. There may be much already that the organizing committee would have put into the programme, but 4 important issues seem to me fundamental and practical - the participation of all sons and daughters with their friends; the self-reliance of our Fon; the elaboration of a strategic plan for the development of Nso; retrieving the statue of Ngonso' from Berlin, Germany.

I. The participation of all sons and daughters
Ngonso' is a cultural festival for ALL wirfon. We owe an obligation as sons and daughters of this Fondom to be physically present in Kimbo'; and each of us should have already made provisions for this. Some of us are very vocal on Shundzev about issues which concern Nso' but when it comes to doing and getting out there for the festival, we leave the matter to a few committed sons and daughters. This, in my opinion, is a pretence and sufficient reason for one to be stripped of his/her tribal identity. In fact, if all sons and daughters of Nso' came home for this festival with all their children, friends and acquaintances, the impact would go beyond a celebration of a cultural festival. For example, I knew about the Bali Leila because of the several Bali friends I had. They spoke about it with pride, prepared for it, and invited their friends. In fact, it is almost impossible to visit a Bali person in Bamenda during the Leila week, because all of them think, dream and speak Leila!!! Mutatis mutandis, during the Ngonso' week, NO SON AND DAUGHTER OF NSO' should think, speak or dream something else. So for this year, let each take homework to be present especially as there are pressing issues to be handled, the first of which is the self-reliance of our Fon.

2. The self-reliance of our Fon
It was with great pride and satisfaction that I noted the sincere and passionate discussions that went on concerning the problematic of our Fon being dragged into the CC of ONE political party (in a MULTIparty democracy!). It was also with deep appreciation that the new car of the Fon generated so much excitement among us.

This is what it means to be WirNso' (won tikari); this is the legitimate pride that the children of Ngonso' and of the legendary Sehm III should have. We acted as ONE and should continue to act as ONE, irrespective of our religious, political and educational differences. The Fon is Nso' and he can only continue to command respect and uphold his traditional authority if all sons and daughters of Nso' feel as ONE and rally round him as children around their FATHER. It does not matter whether one is a Shey, a Yaah, a Shufai, a Kibaiy or whatever; it does not even matter whether one is Duiy, M'tar Nso' or Nwerong. When the Fon is concerned, the rallying call should be indisputable and non-compromising. For Ngonso' 2011-2012, I make 3 suggestions on how to get funds for the Kibam ke wong (the purse of the Nso').
2.1 Publicitiy and Kibam ke wong: The success of this depends on proper usage of available communication strategies in and out of Nso'. Those in CRTV, in the private radios and television houses, in private and official newspapers can actually do a lot by way of priming, to get the whole country think of Ngonso' and the kibam ke wong. Publicity in modern communication is the key to getting people act. So Dufe at CRTV, tell all your other colleagues; Penjock and co, use all your contacts; those in academic institutions, inform all your students. All Nso' associations all over Cameroon and in the Diaspora, talk about the Kibam ke wong should be at the centre of all meetings.

2.2. Contributions during Ngonso' festival: At the various entrances to the palace in Kimbo', and during the entire Ngonso' Week, there should be “toll-gate”-style (without the stealing version) collection of 50frs for each participant as he/she goes down to the palace. Children should be free to contribute, otherwise, every other person going down to the palace should contribute at the specific gate, 50frs and receive a receipt to participate in Ngonso'. All these collections should be deposited into a special account that will later on be made available to the Fon. Here accountability is absolutely important on the part of those collecting and those who receive the money hereafter. A clear statement of account should be given at the end. Is shey Camillus Lawong, around? Otherwise, this is his domain; if not then Shey Taasha, should show his expertise as a banker....; otherwise Tav Jumbam has been doing a fantastic job over Shundzev. So on your marks, 50frs each for the Kibam ke Wong during the Ngonso 2011-2012!!!

2.3. Discussions on monthly contributions: We made this suggestion already, and we emphasize it again. There is absolute need for all sons and daughters of Nso' to look ahead on how to sustain their Fon. It does not matter whether the INDIVIDUAL occupying the throne pleases you or not. This is about an institution, not personalities. Kibam ke wong is not for an individual but for an institution. Again the Exco should come to some agreement and announce to all sons and daughters of Nso', in and out of the country, on how much each is pay EVERY MONTH. My suggestion was that as from January 2012 a 100 frs (50Euros, 50dollars etc for those in diaspora) would seem modest but sufficient not to strain anyone's pocket. But these Sheys and Fais, Shufais and all titled holders who are working MUST pay every month a minimum of 500frs (100 Euros, 150dollars etc) to the fund as would be decided upon by the EXCO.

3. Elaboration of the strategic plan for the development of Nso'
We are probably the only huge ethnic group that does not effectively make plans for serious developments. Fortunately, we do have various village associations that are very active for the development of their respective areas – think of the Mbam Development Association, NKARDECA, the Upper Dzekwa and so on! The role of NSODA should become more central than before. In fact, I suggest that we make a 2 year development plan about the development of Nso'. On this issue, we have more experienced hands of my friend, Mayor Donatus Njong and co. This is the time to forget the self and think Nso'. United we stand, divided we shall fall and remain the scum of the Northwest Region. Just imagine that we all decided that every son and daughter of Nso' should come back home and build a serious house that befits his status in his village, how many skyscrappers will shoot up from Wainama to Kuvlu? I know the fear, so I take this opportunity to warn all the village witches and wizards who are only interested to destroy and kill; their style has become outdated. Let them join in more productive ventures and stop frightening children from coming back home!!!

4. Retrieving Fengaiy Ngonso' from Berlin
This is homework that we do not and cannot compromise. All the diplomatic channels that are necessary should be opened right now. We need to take concrete action and set a committee in place with a specific task and datelines. This is the moment to use all our sons and daughters in the positions of influence. The PM and need to liase with those in diplomatic positions and get the matter settled once and for all. Kishani, Bame, and Tangwa, the son of Gobata.. this is your domain!

To every son and daughter of Nso'- the voice of late Prof. Nso'kika Fonlon echoes from his grave at Kimbo and says AMEN! Fon Sehm III Mbinglo shakes from his Fem and rattles his short gun for whoever dares to contradict the development of this great land. From Tunir to Tokiyo; from Addir Ababa to Bajur; from Or(s)lo to Sicily and from Greenland to Rio di Janiero, we all scream with one voice: LONG LIVE NGONSO' 2011-2012. To all and one. My toro for every contribution!!!!


Nothing would be done at all, if a man waited until he could do it so well
that NO ONE would find fault with it. Bl. John Henry Newman, dixit Bernard Nso'kika Fonlon

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