AEP Mission to Yaounde- Cameroon Part 2

African Europe Platform (AEP) project was on a Mission to Cameroon Mid October 2013.
You may read part 1 here
                                                    By Shey Tatah D.L Sevidzem

Mme Andela, Mr Mbarga, Mendouma M  & Ngounou Charlie
Thursday 17th October was fully reserved for the Civil Society. Meeting with and at PLANOSCAM "Plateforme Nationale des organisations de la société civile du Cameroun" were
Mme Christine ANDELA, Présidente de la Plateforme avec une dizaine de réseaux membres présents, COSADER APIEVO Dynamique OSCAR CESAC Mission Clarté Club des jeunes aveugles
AIMF au Cameroun FORCE Plateforme Innovation paysanne
Cabinet Conseil Recherche agricole pour le développement ONG de défense de droit. 
Dr. Yera presented the platform and the objectives of the mission to the participants within the level of interests.

 Closely followed was a word by the PLANOSCAM head Mme Christine Andela.
Mme Andela & Shey Tatah
 The day was characterized by win-win discussions which led to the endorsement of the project by the president herself. She expressed the joy to work for the community and to partnership with other platforms and organizations for the development of Cameroon.

 She also expressed what she understood by the role of AEP and that they are in search for trustworthy partners as a pilot country sponsored by the EU, that has already achieved some objectives.

Dr Didier Djoumessi & Nkene Alain

Friday and last day of the Mission became a more hectic day than envisaged. The team started their long day at the German Cooperation:
Center For International Migration and Development (CIM)
Bureau Régional de la GIZ/ GIZ Regional Office
 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). This was met with

Conseiller Technique / Technical Advisor
Migration et Diaspora

While Dr Yera gave a Presentation of the draft platform and purpose of the mission.  Dr. Djoumessi gave a recap of the actions of CIM CAMEROON. 
He stated that 4 programs are in place which already work well in Cameroon:1 . Voluntary return of experts - with skills transfer, networking closely with the FNE . Give support for 24 months with a qualitative gesture; They have 17 countries worldwide with employment placement.2 . Entrepreneurship: identification of promoters of entrepreneurship, business plan , publicize those who have already succeeded.3 . Associative development projects . Cofinancing and technical support . € 40,000 ceiling and 50%. The remaining 50% are raised by the applicant where 40% can be made in recovery and 10% in cash.4 . Advising institutions whose DCE is related to their migration policies. But there is still demand in this area.
Dr Didier Djoumessi

After this presentation, Dr. Djoumessi offered the Team with publications on good practices of the Cameroonian diaspora.

Leaving the German GIZ, the Team proceeded  to the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training. First stop was at

Mr NGATHE KOM Philippe
Conseiller Technique N°1

 Who convoked members of his Cabinet at his office for transparency and more broader views.

Mr Ngathe Kom Philippe

The two parties lter converged at the Minister's office to hold talks with His Excellency; Mr Perevet Zacharie. Ministre de l’Emploi et de la Formation Professionnelle. 
H:E Perevet Zacharie

 The following presentations took place:
Presentation of the draft platform and purpose of the mission;
Presentation of guidelines and priorities of the government in terms of employment and circular migration:

Support of formal employment vocational training, optics, being competency-based approach;

- The capacity of the whole chain in a synergy of action and as needed.

Circular migration as a priority for the department since 2009.

ROAME Project (Operational Directory African Trades and Jobs) International GIP but could not get financing after 2011.


Identification and implementation of a business directory for investment.
Find funding to empower this project.

The last but one stop was at Fonds National de l'Emploi (FNE) for the Recommendations, unfortunately other partners could not make it but the FNE director was there to moderate the debate.
 This took the team to the last meeting of not only the day but the Mission back to

Mr Billong Benjamin, Ministre Plénipotentiaire, Chef de division des Camerounais à l’étranger, at The Ministry of external relations (MINREX) for the Summary and Outlook.

Follwoing the words of Dr Yera head of the delegation, it was a successful Mission which he expressed with joy and satisfaction. The reception offered by Mr Billong Benjamin extended into the late hours of the night as lots of drinks and chewabales kept flowing. 

Compiled by
Shey Tatah Sevidzem (Wo Scandy)

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