Senegal Denmark Rally (SDR) Gives birth to African Denmark Diaspora Rally (ADDR)

SDR & ADDR at the City Hall

                                                   By Shey Tatah Sevidzem

It all started some few weeks backs precisely 6 when Aziz Fall & Thomsen Syriaque invited some few African Leaders to meet at the Danish Cultural Insititute. A meeting that changed the face and look of Africans in Denmark, an attempt made by many in the past, is now being realized. Thanks to this institute, the two Gentlemen i mentioned above and the delegates that answered present.

African leaders converged at the Copenhagen city Hall last wednesday the 25th of September 2013 not only to meet with the Artists from Senegal but also to meet with Senegalese Top Officials and the politicians of the Copenhagen Municipality. The Delegation was led and urshered by Jesper Boysen representative of the Danish Cultural institute

Arriving at the Hall, the delegates and leaders received a warm welcome from Mr Taner Yilmaz member of the City Council fo the City of Copenhagen.
Surprisingly the initiator and brain behing the Rally Mr Aziz Fall adviser to the Danish Cultural Institute was found seated at the meeting, as he fled from Senegal to Denmark purposely for that event. He immediately set the ball rolling by welcoming and thanking everyone present and Introducing the Authorities present. Speaking at the meeting, Mr Taner in returned expressed his joy and love for such an initiative that has been lagging behind and pledged his utmost support while at the same time offering dinner and some drinks to the participants.
Mr Taner Yilmaz Welcomes Members
This gave room for the introduction of invitees amongst which were the repsentative of the Senegalese Embassy from the Netherlands as they cover the whole of Scandinavia and Mr Babacar Mbaye Diop Secretary General of La Biennale de L'Art Africain Contemporain.
The word was later handed over to the Coordinator for the ADDR Mr Syriaque Thomsen who in turn handed over the floor to the two speakers selected by the Group to represent them, Mrs Joy Okoye from South Africa and Shey Tatah Sevidzem from Cameroon.

In their presentation, they expressed the objectives and need of the ADDR at the same time entrusting that new ideas were going to come on board to facilitate the success of such an initiative. Others were able to chip in a word or two about their input and expectations of the ADDR during the self introduction that gave room for a mutual understanding.

A word of advice andencouragement came from the Project initiator Mr Aziz Fall who indicated that he was going to stand by this even from his home country Senegal where he now works as the Director at the ministry of Energy.
Mr Aziz Fall & Shey Tatah
 This meeting that went for as long as two hours was only a boast to the main event of the day which was the Launching of the Senegal Denmark Rally Event/Week, a day better described by Mr Ntende Peter from Uganda: "On the Same Occasion one gets to learn about the new African Diaspora Platform, ADDR that is being set up to Rally for representation of a new Image of Africa by the African Diaspora, An initiative that has been supported by the Danish Cultural institute and met Politicians at the City Hall Yesterday, including Politicians with African roots that are standing for upcoming regional elections."

To follow the event live and programme, click here:

There was a switch from the city Hall to the Danish Cultural Institute, where the Senegal Denmark Rally was launched with a huge reception that lack words to express. During the event, the write enjoyed himself so much that he forgot to cover the minute by minute activities of the event. Although this did not take place in writing, the images covered the event fully and to state without any fear of contradiction, the speeches that took place hit the nail on the head. First was the introduction and Welcome by Finn Anderson Secretary General of the Danish Cultural institute. 
Finn Andersen
The Copenhagen Mayor of Culture took the floor and explained the role of culture in the society, while appreciating the efforts of SDR, he also hailed the initiative of the ADDR:
Mayor of Culture Copenhagen
The Senegalese Government was represented by the Cultural ministry. Talking at the event, the Minister delegate Thanked Denmark for choosing Senegal and quoted bi-lateral relations that exist between both nations.

 The Long awaited Speech was that of Aziz Fall who was described as the Hero of Event. It was thanks to him that the event took place. He expressed is satisfaction for the work done so far but reiterated that it was just the beginning and not the end. As humbled as he was he opened his mind more to a bigger picture which was the ADDR. he mentioned that the journey had been far gone that there was no turning back.
Aziz Fall
 Here is the blend of events in images.

 Merry making continued with both group and individuals photographing.
Saturday the 28th September is the Official presentation of the ADDR to the public with an open concert featuring all the Senegalese Great artists. This is an open concert in the open air at Vartorv, 20metres from Rådhuspladsen.

Compiled and Written by Shey Tatah Sevidzem Wo Scandy

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