A Tribute to Ngam Edmond (My Room Mate, friend and brother):

A Tribute to Ngam Edmond (My Room Mate, friend and brother):
My Dear Edmond, how I yearn for you to be with me, your friends and the entire family. We miss you so much , It’s so different without you. It is empty and quiet since last Monday when you turned the world up side down. You have created a vacuum that shall take us decades and centuries to fill.
You were loving and kind to all of us who experienced you. If there is happiness in my heart,
it's because you helped put it there....No wonder why your eternal silence shocked the world. No one even beleived us when the news of your departure to the Land of no return was announced.
As a wirfon (Nso man) in Scandinavia, you became our security blanket against the rest of the world. You demonstrated your love for the Nso Family in Europe when you suspended every important appointments to share the Nso Values with all in August Last Year. Every participant had a picture of you as they vivdly remembered you participating in all the activities Was it a ”show of?” or ”seeking for notice” to later do this to us?. Your outfit identified you and there was no second thought of who you were. A true Nso man with Values and success.
While back in Sweden, your home was always everyone’s home. Not only were you friendly and welcoming to your fellow Cameroonians but to the whole Swedish society. No wonder you were the only foreign student that graduated within the time frame despite the difficulties encountered by most of you. You fought a good fight and your records speak for themselves.
To speak more of your strengths, you were all smiles. Never complaining of any issues. People wondered if you ever got angry. Everyone loved your company. I have hosted many people and i bet you, you were the best when you moved to Denmark last year after being granted the Danish work permit (Green card). You hold the key to many hearts and i believe very strongly that you are praying for us all.
My heart bleeds each time i remember that you have gone but your loving and caring brotherly role will continue, lingering in my heart forever...I will miss you everyday, but I will remember all of our good times together. You were a wonderful friend and brother. The recent momery that will never fade dates as far as some weeks ago and to be precise last month May when on the eve of my departure we sad down with some great Minds of Shundzev (Nso Online tink tank forum) and exchanged great ideas. You were the only person that accompanied me to the airport to say Good bye to me. Little did i know you had another mission to accomplish. This hurts so much Edmond.
To me you are the best person who ever walked on this earth. You kept writing to me even when i did not reply on time. Last week you called me asking me to commission you on our plan of action and reminding me to follow up your activities in preparation for your August return to communion with and at the Nso Family Union Convention In Belgium, but shall you be there? Edmond, seriously tell us you will be there because we do not understand you anymore. We so miss every minute of every hour of every day of you.
You are an honourable man. I love u forever even at death,i love you and will forever do. You must have found and experienced some problems and difficulties here on earth but as ANDREW SELKIRK said ”you are finally at peace now and no-one can ever hurt you again. You are free to be yourself without having to please anyone.”
Here lies Ngam Edmond, leaving behind not only the Nso Community in Europe but a whole Cameroonian Community and friends in Scandinavia.
Your death has not only brought sadness to the family but to the whole world. Never in my life have i ever received the number of condolence messages on your behalf and family before. In fact it shows how much the world mourns for this great loss. Your intelligence, talents, stuggle, hard work were at its peak but shattered at the time when the family could enjoy the benefits of their investments.
God on his part has been generous and kind to you, me, us and your family at large. He took you home safely, kept you in Douala for some few months and even when you fell sick, He took you to Shisong to prepare you for a smooth transition together with your family back home. Imagine you decided to close your eyes in Douala not to talk of overseas, it would have been another story now. Therefore i close to this tribute with the powerful and strong statement from the bible which says that, for all things God works for good.
As you depart, we promise you that we shall stand by you and support your parents and family during these trial moments. This weekend has been reserved to celebrate and Thank God for your life on Earth.
Have a nice and safe journey back home
Your Brother
Shey Tatah Wo Scandinavia

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