Bus controllers Called the Police to Arrest Shey Wo Scandi

A funny incident and situation  happened this morning at exactly 9 am when Shey wo scandi boarded his normal limousine Bus 1A to answer present at the Job centre where he works part time and also searches for jobs. Had it been i never had my ID with me, i would have been in the Danish Kondengui just because i refused to show my ID to the Bus controller. 

It all happened this way; For the past 4 days these 4 to 5 Bus controllers have been lingering around my area and since my area is where there is a change between Zone 2 and 33, most people are always caught especially those who think they can use 2 zones to get home instead of 3. I have been checked on the last 3 days and lucky enough my monthly card covers these zones. It was not until this morning when i boarded the bus on my way to the Job centre and while on the phone with someone in Belgium that one of the controllers came over to me as i got in and sat down. They were all sitting in the bus when i got in, so he came over to me and requested for my ticket. I took my monthly card while still on the phone and showed to him like any other. He must have been up to something, he looked at it and decided to collect it. Seriously there was nothing suspicious about my card since it is on subscription.

The guy took the card, looked at the picture and the name then asked for my ID, at first i thought it was the sudden change of my looks on the picture since i now look reduced as a result of my slim course which of course makes me happy. But it was not it. He believed i had collected the card from someone or i was illegal using someone else's address. Well i could show him the ID and let sleeping dogs lie but No shey will not do that. Shey will want to know why 3 of them will board the bus and only Shey will have to show his ID. What about those who use flex cards that do not have a picture on them? What about those who buy bus tickets or klip cards thaat do not need a picture? I asked myself these questions.

I needed answers, i was looking at the whiteman standing infront of me and looking for the best adjectives to describe his actions. Should i call it discrimination or racism, should i call it my bad day or his lucky day. My Id was in my bus card which he collected, he was about sending his "filthy" fingers to take my other cards out. I told him not to dare, collected the Bus card from him and took my documents out. He then asked me if i had something to hide that i could not identify myself. Well i smiled over it as i did not want to get nasty, i simply asked him if he was the Police, he said he had the right to check Ids if he suspected or so pleased. I became more interested in the incident. I told him i was not going to show my ID to him as he was not the police but a mere bus controller whose job was to control tickets and not IDs and moreso only Shey's ID...

I arrived my destination 5 minutes later and told them i had to change for my train, they refused and i ask them to stop the bus. It is a pity others had to go out and wait for the next because of my fighting for justice. They argued and argued, i mean 4 of them against one (me). I decided to stop talking to them unless the police arrived. They made calls to their head office and friends asking if they had the right to do what they did and to be sure that the situation never escaliated. I refused to speak danish with them but i understood all that transpired. One came to me and asked me to show my ID so that the Police did not have to come. I had made up my mind since the one that needed my ID kept on coming with many other reasons and evidences. He even was unable to find me in the system, this made me more excited, and 5 minutes before the Police arrived he suddenly found me in the system but was still doubting if the name and picture on the card belonged to me.

They made me understand that i was entitled to 3 fines, one from them for refusing to show my ID, one for keeping the Bus waiting which costs 300Dkk per hour and one from the Police. Was this to scare me? Well my response to them was that i was rather willing to go to court, where one told me vehemently that i was going to lose. I told them i could lose the case but i could win the battle because i was going to learn as well and maybe teach my other brothers and sisters. This silenced them for a while.

The Police arrives 30 mins later, i am introduced as the criminal, they greet me and ask which language i spoke, i said i would prefer it in english to be sure of what i am saying. The first thing they did was asked for my identification...I gave them my card, they looked at it, took my insurance card and then asked for the Bus card: The only word that came from their mouth was, he is the one. As soon as they said so, the one that hijacked me took off from the Bus, then the female officer decided to ask what happened, while i was explaining, the male one intervened and said "i do not give a fuck of what happened, you have to show your ID and let them do their job". Yes officer you are right, i said but they have to do their job in fairness, they should ask for the Id cards of all not only of the poor black guy....When this is done then i feel like something is wrong...He continued and this blew my mind off, "many africans are using this trick and a lot of them are illegal so he has the right to check your ID"....Wow i said, so you can now generalize, surprise only africans can steal and cheat, what a way to conclude, now i am an african and you have seen that am not only legal but did not cheat.

He got furious and told me he was not out to argue with me, i gave it back, this time i thought i was going to be arrested, he still had my cards with him, then i told him, i respected the approach by his female colleague and not his, the man got wild but decided to leave and that he was done with me, Oh my God he had my documents still with him, thanks to the female officer that reminded him and he gave them to me in anger. Well i had called the job center before and informed them of my situation, they knew i would be late. So i left...

My story is not to show how great i am to challenge the controllers and the Police, nope, far from that but also to inform my brothers and sisters that if we sometimes have different names from what we use, this can be dangerous when you meet some of these "whites" that do random checks only with blacks, as if whites do not cheat or can become illegal....And that we experience some of these people and actions everyday in our lives, job places, trains, schools etc.


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    Hello Shey,

    what an exciting way to start your weekend. It is good of you to send us a detail of your encounter and how it ended up. I am glad you never got a ticket

    Personally, I would have reacted like you giving the bias nature of most of the Danes serving the public. Actions like yours will send a message to these guys that not all Africans are the same. I will encourage our fellow brothers and sisters not to forget their rights especially when they find them selves in such situations. As much as respecting the law and being good citizens should be our priority, we should also remember to act immidiately we realised there is some form of discrimination.

    Hope the actions of these guys did not prevent you from showering them with blessings from the palace.

    Have a good weekend.


    Rene Ategwa Betangbeh

    Shey, You took a courageous risk and believe me they wouldn't want to try that again cos, they didn't get lucky with you. Danmark is a small Country and mentality on how to treat foreigners is biased especially Black Africans.
    Going to court....? Their laws are designed to suit the Danes(not indvandre Danes). They'll twist your answers so you don't win the case and lawyers in Danmark? They don't defend, they represent and when it comes to foreigners they're always afraid not to loose their Liciences especially when it comes to You against the State that's why the Controller told you, you won't win.

    Right now Danmark is the best country to live in so, those statistics make them even more proud and want to exerggerate. In my opinion, I think next time that only Blacks are checked in KBH we should organise and walk to the Parliament demanding answers making it an International News. We seem to sit quiet and they keeping pressing down on us. We need to build our strength in the Danish Society.

    Again, they'll always tell you; if you aren't happy here then, go back home. when it comes to indvandre issues(news for the papers) in my job I often hear my colleagues throwing comments like this.

    Best regards
    Enanga Jensen.

    I feel you! I had the same demise in Charleroi airport while arrivng a couple of weeks ago from Greece. O f all the passengers who arrived from that flight, Reimond and I seemed to have be the only ones controlled. I blasted them with the highest voice my voice box could provide. They told me they were doing their job? i told them they had to bethankful to black to be able to be employed in this country! My lst word to them was ...les raciste! as onlookers watched helplessly.

    I can quoted many other simlar scenarios during my stay in whiteman country!

    Always make sure youare "safe and clean" when travelling, if not they take the slightest mistakeof yours to nail you...and very hard.

    Ashia wo scandi, these experiences make us stronger!

    Wo Landen

    Hey there Shey, let me just first comment on the literal aspect of this incident as written down by you. You are a good writer. Man, I read to ebd and wished it was longer.
    I would've loved you had spoken Danish with the Policemen. Think that would've shot-up the stupid Bus controller.
    bye Ngwan

    Sorry Shey but I like your resistance oh!
    On another note.....it's all over in this "their" country. It's a good call for us to not stop thinking about our own country and going back to it.

    hello shey
    how was your day
    I wish to congratulates you for setting a very good example
    to these guys today
    What happened to you today is the samething that happened to one friend of mine
    when he was coming back from school the otherday
    he showed his semester ticket and was ask to bring his passport
    when the others the were with him were not treated that way
    I just told your story to him
    Jude Dzevela

    Nsoyuni Edwin

  2. Shey my brother,

    It is shocking to me that since my sister Maureen Molua picked me up at Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen in October 1999, nothing much have changed in the mentality of most Danes. Well, can't blame the uneducated fools (the controllers i mean), they just didn't know what a great mind they were dealing with.

    We thank the Danes for all they have done for us, but I think it is time to transfer the Scandi Palace to where it will get the respect it deserves.

    My brother, Canada is in need of great minds like yours and that our educated brothers in DK.

    Stay strong,


    Sache Armstrong