The New NSODA after the workshop of Oct 5th in Bafoussam

                                    By Shey Tatah D L Sevidzem (Wo Scandy)
Invitees at the Nsoda Workshop
The Nsoda Workshop that took place in Bafoussam on October 5th was initiated by the incubent president Mformi Njodzeka Stephen Ndzerem in collaboration with the Nsoda exco. Invited at the Workshop were "Presidents of all Village Development Associations in NSO ,All presidents of NSO umbrella groups out of NSO  as well as some resource people."
Nsoda Exco at the workshop
NSODA Stands for NSO DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION and is " a Non-Profit, Non-Political and Non-Religious Association " whose objective is "To Promote, Strengthen, Enhance, Advance and Preserve the rich culture of the Nso people"
BFU Promoting Nso Culture in USA

One of our major objectives was to get all sons and daughters of NSO as well as moral persons get into one umbrella (NSODA). We suggested & deliberated on the following specific objectives. .
 (Mformi Stephen Ndzerem)

1: Establish a responsive and functional NSODA permanent secretariat at home. 

Work at the Secretariat
Meet leaders of all Nso village development associations & leaders of Nso groupings.

Carry out an extensive and intensive consultation with many moral and physical persons of Nso.

·  Come with a simple but clear mapping of  all Nso villages
· Carry out an inventory of  Nso Villages and VDAs 
·       NSODA participates in all VDA annual 

NSODA EXCO meetings to rotate around major NSO groupings in some major cities/towns

Shufai Nsobahti at The NFU Convention

2)     Revitalize all NSODA structures and Exco position to be fully active and functional.
3)     Establish an active and functional home branch of NSODA capable of animating and implementing NSODA mission and vision at home.
4)      Establish a clear, transparent financial system

Come up with a clear budget and put in place a mechanism that funds could be raised for functioning of NSODA as well as support developments in all the villages of Nso Fondons.
Menkang me Mven at squares

Yee Nwerong ends Ngonso

5) Put in place a mechanism to liaise all Nsos/ daughters and friends in good positions to come up with strong lobbying force for the betterment of all Nso villages in all the Fondons.
46) Help come up with possible solutions to revitalize our traditional authorities taking into cognizance present day exigencies and sociological-dynamics.
 7)Ensure constitution should reflect present day exigencies. Set a committee to  review the present constitution and bye-laws and make proposal for possible amendments in next AGM 
  8) Prepare a plan of action for upcoming events
 9Establish a two years Strategic plan. September 2013-september 2015.
10) Ensure ExCO meetings and AGM hold and ample time given for planning.

Eric Tangka Assists in the Fon's message
  11) Some Major upcoming events consisting of NGONSO 2013 and HRM Fon of Nso 20th anniversary celebrations.  
    12) Visit to all Fondons in Nso to introduce NSODA and her mission and vision

Before the concluding remarks the NSODA president welcomed Shey Tatah who represented Ngangsewong (Association of Traditional Rulers in the Diaspora) and Rev Father Peter Mbiydzenyuy, who for unforseen circumstances arrived late at the meeting.
Shey Tatah, SDO Bafoussam & Rev Fr Peter Mbiydzenyuy
Shey Yungri Giddeon.
Speaking at the workshop Shey Tatah started with a Nso song that awoke the participants, delivered the message from Ngangsewong that already was presented to the exco in paper by Shey Yungri Giddeon.
Shey Tatah went ahead to express the role of the association and urged all to rally behind Nso to take nso into higher heights through his story of a bird, the little girl & The Old wise man. He encouraged Nso members to stand for the truth and promote their culture being proud of such a beautiful kingdom. He thanked The exco through the president for the chance accorded him to deliver his speech. 

The Nsoda President on his part acknowledged receipt of the document sent by Ngangsewong which was official replied to by the The secretary General.

You may Listen to & watch  the closing remarks of the Nsoda president & Shey Tatah's message
Rev Fr Peter on his part gave a brief speech and later blessed the participants.

Outside the Hall, were a series of photographs and interviews with the CRTV and other forms of media.
Starting with, was Shey Cyril Sewong from Fako.
Shey Cyril Sewong & Shey Tatah Wo Scandy
He was closely followed by Dr Tatah Edwin Banseka from Nsobahti Bamenda. He expressed the joy, stating that the need to come together was supreme under one canopy. 
Dr Tatah Banseka
The most interesting interview was that of our own leader Mformi Stephen Ndzerem. He spoke in three languages. Lamnso, English and French a competent that befitted his status as president of Nsoda.

The delegation now moved to the reception ground at the residence of the SDO whose doors were opened to all participants. Other interviews were conducted amongst which were Shey Pius Lukong the Nsoda Vice president, the SG, and other delegates from around the globe.
After Dinner, the Bafoussam branch president had the chance to invite members to his bar for continuous merry making. This led to some staying late in evening.

 Here is the link to view images of the workshop, dinner and after party.

Compiled by
Shey Tatah Wo Scandy

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