First Thanksgiving Mass for Rev Ngamsha Biakai & Full Video

                               By Shey Tatah D.L Sevidzem (Wo Scandy)

In an Open invitation circulated by the Ngamsha's family, a resumé of what was intended for the public read thus:
"God has opened my eyes to the reality that I am unique and in my unique nature He wants me to serve him as an Ordained minister with a wife (Mrs. Ngamsha Victorine Maishu Kintarir) and four children. (Ngamsha Melanie Hycentha Wiysenyuy, Ngamsha Berinyuy Kintarir, Ngamsha Solii Tir-aayu, and Ngamsha Yula Saiynjo)"
Rev Ngamsha's Family & Archbishop Esua Fontem
 The Ordination date was clearly stated on the 20th of July 2013 (at 13.00) by Archbishop Bernard Longley At: St Chads Cathedral Queensway

 But there was a more inquistive clause that invited people the following day to a Thanksgiving Mass. When i read this, the first question that came to my Mind was, When did Deacons start celebrating the Eucharist? Talkless of a Permanent Deacon...This Puzzle was made clear when the name of the main celebrant was made known after stating the venue of the main celebrant. "By Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua from the Archdiocese of Bamenda in Cameroon West Africa"
Archbishop Cornelius F. Esua
The Thanksgiving Mass took place at " St Joseph's R.C. Church,Church Street, Darlaston Wednesbury, West MidlandsWS10 8DY" the 21st of July 2013.
Con Celebrating with The archbishop were the Parish Priest of St Joseph's RC Church Rev Father Ron Coslett, Rev Fr Gham Marcel from Spain, Rev. Neba Michael from the USA and the man of honor Rev Ngamsha Biaka.
The Celebartion of the Eucharist started at 10 pm with an entrance procession and choir led by the Nso community in the UK. The same Community later led the lectionary procession as Rev Ngamsha read the Gospel.

Rev Ngamsha

 The homily was delivered by the Archbishop, who expressed his joy as a "Grandfather" to partake in such a great ceremony. Reasons for which he canceled all other programmes to answer present at this solemn event.

Immediately after the Sermon and the prayers of the faithful, the Africans present led an animated offertory procession which kept Shey Tatah on the drums as the Europeans watched flabergasted.
Choir & African Community

Shey Tatah on the drums
 The Eucharistic rite continued immediately after the Offertory but before the concluding rite, Rev Ngamsha gave an inspiring speech that touched the congrgation from all angles. First the role played by his old time friends, Shey Tatah, Rev Fr Gham Marcel etc and that of his lovely wife who helped to organize and execute his affairs. He traced the history to the Ordination of Bishop Esua and how he was unable to witness the erection due to age limit but was satisfied watching the show on top of trees way back in 1982.
He later thanked his present Parish especially the Parish Priest Ron, for the moral and Financial support stating that he was the only student at the seminary that never lacked because the parish provided all that was needed.
Rev. Fr. Ron Coslett
 The Parish Priest on his part gave a very brief speech, expressing his joy to have such a dynamic guy in the name of Maxcel in the parish and how he approached him on the zeal to become a permanent Deacon. he was amazed at the way africans celebrate their Eucharist more lively and logned for more of such.

 The Archbishop then took the floor to explain the road that led to the ordination of Rev Ngamsha, when he was approached and how he immediately recommended him. Before the final blessings, he thanked the Parish priest Ron Coslett for behind behind this success, also calling for more partnership with the church in Africa and happy that African is also able to send missionaries to Europe. He later Blessed the Congregation asking them to go and serve the Lord and one another
Archbishop Gives the Final Blessings
 After the Thanksgiving mass, friends and well wishers had the opportunity to shoot with the newly ordained
 Some of the people who played major roles in the background but maybe not seen physically and often were Bongaman Edwin, Thiery Kuwan, Dr Mbuh Cosmas, Sheteh Kingsley who were incharge of the logistics and Shey Damasius Gamsi behind the transportation of the Archbishop.
Bongaman Edwin & Cameroon Deputy High Commissioner  UK

Shey Tatah & Rev Ngamsha
 The parish in appreciation to this event, offered the congregation coffee at the church's hall

 This day was a day to remember. Just one day after Ordination, Rev Ngamsha was at work already. He did not even complete his coffee, the church bell rang for the first sacrament to be exercised. This was the sacrament of baptism as two kids were baptized on that same day, one being his "Grandchild".
Sheila Maika

 After Baptism, all road led to his residence for a barbecue reception, and present at BBQ were the Archbishop of Bamenda and Shey Tatah, Shey Gamsi, and other invited guests
Archbishhop Esua & Shey Tatah

Nyuyse Louistas & Juliet Takov grilling

Merry making continued until midnite when the reporter left for his palace while others were still at the scene.

Rendez -Vous at Kikaikelaki (K4) in Kumbo Diocese, Bui Division - Cameroon for another Thanksgiving on the 26th of August 2013
To Watch the complete video of the two days events click on the link below, Thanks to Evans Atonge for this full coverage which he calls part 1

Compiled and reported by Shey Tatah Wo Scandy

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