How to Become a member of the Nso History Society (NHS)


The Nso' History Society (NHS) is an academic association which brings together researchers interested in every aspect of the life of the people in Nso' Fondom (history, science, folklore, philosophy, language, etc). This group has been in existence since the early 60s. The basic qualification is to have interest in Nso' phenomena and to be able to carry out a scientific research in a standard that can stand academic scrutiny anywhere in the world.

We are still fortunate to have some of the founding members alive with us like Pastor Fai, Yaya Sally Chilver, and Prof. Dan Lantum (Woo Bastos). The late Shey William Banboyee was ready to sacrifice EVERYTHING to ensure that this group continues; that is why he freely offered his premises, food and drinks, in Tourist Home Hotel as the venue for meetings. Before he died, he asked that his daughter, Dora Fonyuy Banboyee, take over his seat and assets. Woo Lii Wong, did the same asking Mgr. Lafon Patrick to take his place. These are the people who felt that they had something to offer to generations after. Some of the second generation members have been Prof. Miriam Gohen, Prof. Verkijika, Prof. Kishani; Prof. Joseph Bandazem; Prof. Nsamenang Bame; Bongfen Lawrence and Michael Veranso' and the late Chem Langhee who contributed a lot before his death, a few weeks after a meeting in Tobin; and the late Kenjo Jumbam who made a submission just before death also took him away. When we consider the work that these eminent scholars have done for our Fondom, the present generation is sincerely challenged to step beyond too much talk and get down to scientifically documenting issues. I still remember the late Prof. Fonlon telling me, right on the day of my ordination: "Fara, from now- Publish or Perish"! Those words keep haunting me daily.

When one considers the quality and quantity of Nso' scholars on the Shundzev, it is a real shame that when we call a meeting of the Nso' History Society, only very few attend. Sometimes we have even written PERSONAL LETTERS, followed by phone calls, yet people accept they will come but get missing somewhere between Squares and Tobin. And our authentic human libraries are dying off by the day and we are left with little. If one would only see how Europe and America have treasured their patrimony; how they treasure and encourage research, we would need to hang our heads in shame; We TALK TOO MUCH perhaps; and when it comes to disciplining ourselves and getting things done, some of us can hardly do this. But I know this is not an inborn illness; hence I hereby make a new appeal.

The story should never be told that it when we had some of the best brains from Nso', that little was done by way of research. I have been sincerely touched by the wealth of our history, our architecture and sculpture, our traditional medicine; our philosophy; religion and traditional politics. I am simply charmed by the early method of keeping statistics, minutes of meetings, and accounts with simple bamboo sticks. Can we not retrieve these methods and others and offer them, in more scientific manner, as alternatives to the world that seems to be faltering? How many Nso' sons and daughters have followed the enviable example of Bernard Nso'kika in writing literature that provokes deep reflection? Yet we are quick to make monuments in his honour! How many of the younger Nso' medics have understudied Woo Bastos (while he is still with us) and to imbibe his incisive research into traditional medicine? Where are the new Kenjo Jumbams and Sankie Maimo's? These men who did much in their time must be full of tears as they exit from life, seeing us, more interested in exposing the weaknesses of people; settling scores and shamelessly putting in an open forum, ideas that more cultivated minds would even hesitate to raise in quiet.

That said, the NSO' HISTORY SOCIETY is hereby making a clarion appeal for all educated sons and daughters of this land to inscribe as members. A registration fee of 5000frs is paid when you attend the first meeting, and want to benefit from the resources available to the society. PLEASE GIVE THIS MESSAGE THE WIDEST PUBLICITY through every social network that is available to whoever receives the present information. Let this information be read in all social gatherings of WIRFON all over the world.
United we stand, divided, we fall!

Meetings are held twice a year during the Christmas period and during the long vacation. All meetings hold at TOURIST HOME HOTEL TOBIN, the premises offered by late Banboyee.

Membership is open first to all Wirfon, their associates and scholars interested in research on Nso' Fondom. That is why, for some meetings, the Fon of Nso' sends the Taawong and some elders to attend on his behalf. It would be fantastic to have all these beloved Shundzev title holders Woo this and Woo that.... In an era of new media, we possess sufficient technology and talent to retrieve, recapture, modify and maintain our past for next generation. It does not matter what field of specialization you belong to; all we need are people ready to do research in their respective fields with respect to our land. In this way we can create such a database that research on Nso' will become much easier for those coming after us. We shall therefore give time for the present generation to register so that we can take off hopefully, in great style as from Christmas 2012. Please register NOW......

May I ask Tav, the Moderator to kindly permit us use this forum to enlist people. So just indicate in the list below (prolong it as much as possible) that you want to be a member. I hope the WOMEN of this forum realize that only Dora Banboyee is registered and often feels strange among MEN. So do not complain later about GENDER ISSUES. This is your time. For those in the diaspora, you can copy the example of Woo Scandinavia. Whenever he is at home and there is a meeting, he will not fail. If not, he sends greetings/contributions electronically. If there are many like him, we can also Video-conference! The 96 year-old Yaya Chilver keeps eternally in touch through her literary secretary, Prof. Ian Fowler who comes to Nso' very often. So, WIRFON, send to me in person your email and contacts. My own email and contacts are under this mail. Remember that the only REASON why we each received an education, was/is to contritube to make a better and more humane world; to share and improve knowledge.

The following are already regular members:
1. Pastor Fai PRESIDENT
2. Woo Bastos
3. Fai woo Sarbam
4. Verkijika Fanso Vice PRESIDENT
5. Kishani Bongasu
6. Tatah Mbuy SECRETARY
7. Christian Mofor Ndzerem TREASURER
8. Matthias Njong
9. Bongfen Lawrence
10. Nsamenang Bame
11. Michael Veranso
12. Bulami Edward PUBLICITY
13. Tatah Sevidzem
14. Patrick Lafon
15. Dora Fonyuy Banboyee
16. Paul Mzeka
17. Joseph Banadzem
18. Sally Chilver
19. Miriam Gohen

Tatah Mbuy
Secretary General, NHS.

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